Adding code block language indicators to your Jekyll Rouge highlighter blog

1 min read

If you’ve got a Jekyll blog and you’re looking to add some language <span> tags to your code blocks, look no further! I did came to this solution after failing to find the rouge option that would do what I wanted and also finding out that you cannot modify a psuedo element with javascript! 🤷‍♂️

Try this jQuery snippet to grab the name of the language from the css classes that rouge highlighter adds to your code blocks.

// Iterate over all div's with the highlighter-rouge class
// div is needed since highlighter-rouge is also added to 
// inline code blocks
$("div.highlighter-rouge").each(function () {
  // Get the list of classes
  let classList = $(this).attr("class");
  // Grab the language
  let lang = classList.split("language-")[1].split(" ")[0];
  // Get the next child div element
  let div = $(this).find(":first-child");
  // prepend a <span> with our language code name
  div.prepend(`<span class="lang_id">${lang}</span>`);

Then add some style with CSS/SASS

  .highlighter-rouge {
    margin: 40px 0;
    div.highlight {
      position: relative;
      span.lang_id {
        margin-right: 10px;
        width: auto;
        font-size: 14px;
        color: white;
        top: -10px;
        padding: 0 4px;
        border-radius: 1px;
        left: -5px;
        position: absolute;
        background-color: black;

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